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The E.M.T. System

Ordinary generator systems require you to monitor your generator manually, waiting outside for an exact time and day to ensure that your generator runs its weekly maintenance routine. With our new E.M.T. system, those days are a thing of the past!

Our field-tested E.M.T. system monitors your generator for you, reporting back to our office when your generator runs, or more importantly when it doesn't.

In the past, you needed to remember to watch your generator to see if the weekly maintenance routine ran and to report any problems to your maintenance provider. With our E.M.T. system, if your weekly maintenance routine doesn't run, our factory trained technicians are notified automatically. This way, we can fix the problem before an actual power outage occurs and you're left standing in the dark.

This service is especially important if you're traveling or otherwise away from home, because we can respond immediately, according to your prearranged wishes, to protect your sump pumps, freezers/refrigerators, pets (fish are extremely vulnerable), burglar alarm systems, outdoor security lighting, and other necessary home systems.